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Fieldstone is a highly respected sales agency in the specialty retail industry. With connection as our compass, Fieldstone is proud to support enduring relationships that result in impactful outcomes. Our belief in mutual support and investment brings Fieldstone together with brands, retailers, and shoppers who trust the integrity of our reputation through our decades of experience.

Creating Connections.
Guiding Success.

Our promise is knowledge and reliability. Our excellent reputation has been built over decades of exceptional customer care and devotion to the industry. Present and prospective customers alike depend on our extensive knowledge and understanding of specialty retail, the latest trends, and strategic partnerships.

Our high standards for ourselves and our carefully curated portfolio of brands set us apart. But most important of all is our belief in a personal approach, where the people involved really matter.

That's the power of authentic connection.


Fieldstone’s founder, Donna Watson, has always championed the importance of small business and the health and welfare of our economy and our communities.  She founded Fieldstone to be a consultative partner with specialty retailers to share experience, business development and financial planning.  With a commitment to giving back to the community, she sought to create a workplace where people feel respected, safe and supported.  Donna chose the name “Fieldstone” to complement her goal.  Her first home was built in 1724 entirely of fieldstone – it stood humble yet strong.  For Donna, “fieldstone” has always evoked feelings of strength, timeless style and longevity. This is at the core of Fieldstone’s vision; to ensure the strength and sustained growth of the specialty retail industry so that the success of the businesses, brands, and bonds we nurture will continue to thrive for years to come. 

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Our emphasis is on consulting and in-store support. We are always focused on retailer success which in turn builds our passion to be a force for good in our local communities as well as in the gift industry as a whole.
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